Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2015 - Page 14

Triple Your Pleasure Rooted on Smart City ideology, a new superhub is rising in Pasila At the core of emerging Smart Cities, there is the perfect marriage of responsibility and business opportunities, says Juha Kostiainen, Senior Vice President, Urban Development, at YIT. “W e believe that in the future, the focus is on sustainable urban environments which link ecological, economic and social sustainability,” Kostiainen sums up. One of the drivers in this transition is mixed use of buildings: commercial pursuits combine with corporate and residential interests to create totally new kind of entities. In a way, we are going back to the original idea of the city, where everything was close, says Kostiainen. “Since the nature of work is so different now, this gives us more flexibility in realising these new solutions.” Kostiainen wrote his doctoral theses 12 Nordicum on innovative milieus ten years ago. Now he perceives many things that are making a huge impact in our lives that were only vague visions a decade ago – for example, people’s enthusiasm in making and sharing various digital content. Encounters Economy In the context of city planning, adding IQ into the old system has the power to launch entire “innovation districts,” Kostiainen believes. At the heart of these creative environs one still finds something rather traditional: people getting together and learning from each other. “In these encounters, the trick is bringing together people who represent different types of views – that’s the best way to come up with something new.” In order to facilitate these “meetings of the minds” one needs powerful public transportation that is centred on traffic superhubs. “Mass transportation is dependent on the masses, otherwise it won’t work.” Reinventing Pasila YIT is eager to try out its ideas of sustainable urban development on a scale that is unprecedented in Finland. Case in point: the new Tripla City District, located in Pasila, Helsinki.