Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2015 - Page 11

WHERE THE GROWTH IS joensuu region Joensuu Region the most entrepreneur-friendly urban area in Finland A place where decision-making also takes the views of companies into account The Joensuu Region is a globally networked growth centre that is perpetually renewing itself and creating the ideal conditions for entrepreneurship. Local companies and associations work together productively to strengthen for expansion investment. Excellent transport connections and a location close to the eastern border bring logistical advantages to all companies targeting the extensive Russian and Scandinavian markets. Join the adventure at Outokumpu’s Treasure City! Treasure City is fast-becoming one of Finland’s leading tourist attractions. Visitors to this unique destination can journey through time to see how miners worked in Finland’s industrial past before fast-forwarding to the future on a treasure hunting adventure. Entrepreneurship is highly valued in the Joensuu Region and a great deal invested in company development and internationalisation. contact us for more information: Mr. Antti Heikkinen Project Manager Tel. +358 50 331 5988 Mrs. Anne Mujunen Marketing Manager Tel. +358 500 285 906 experience set in rich and historically accurate settings and is suitable for families and businesses alike. Treasure City is open all year-round Joensuu Regional Development Company JOSEK Ltd “These projects can serve as a testing ground for new forms of development and also become a tangible example for citizens of what the city aspires to be and what is possible.” Having had the opportunity to work on several of these projects – particularly in Canada – Cohen knows that such redevelopment projects are beneficial from many perspectives: “The projects are exciting for locals and can even serve as a source of professional tourism for architects, smart cities experts and urban planners.” Share the Wealth Cohen recognises that Helsinki has earned a reputation for being digitally advanced – and there are several reasons for that: smart phone penetration is high, online government services are available, there are frequent open data and app competitions... Furthermore, Helsinki has been an early player in the City SDK (Service Development Kit) project which seeks to create a shared platform for online services for cities in Europe and beyond. CitySDK began in January 2012, with seven European cities involved in the project in addition to Helsinki: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Istanbul, Lamia, Lisbon, Manchester and Rome. Nordicum 9