Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2015 - Page 48

Subway Smarts With compact urban structure in mind, SRV is targeting three metro stations for ambitious development In making the smart & sustainable communities of the future, there are a range of issues to consider – but from the point of view of the developer/constructor, there’s a couple of things that top the list. “F rom our perspective, we want to participate in projects which solidify the city structure. The other issue is mixed-use: we believe that bringing both residential and commercial development into an area will yield the best result,” says Jouko Pöyhönen, Director, Project Development for SRV. Pöyhönen points out that apartments should never be too far from where the jobs are; in an ideal situation, you can walk to the office, or be conveniently whisked away by public transportation. In recent years, exploring the possibilities of public transportation has shaped SRV’s business strategies quite a bit. As the decision was made to build the western metroline to Espoo, SRV was immediately interested – along the metro tracks there are plenty of intriguing development opportunities. 46 Nordicum Kalasatama Leads the Way But the biggest news is to be found in east, in connection to the existing metroline, in Kalasatama, Helsinki: namely, SRV’s largest development ever – REDI. As local port operations exited the area a few years ago, the neighbourhood is being developed into a vibrant seaside district. Markus Laine, Director, Real Estate Transactions and Investors for SRV, believes that REDI will emerge as the new, powerful centre for the Helsinki core area in the east – and become a true pearl for citizens and visitors alike. “REDI, opening in 2018, will be the core of the Kalasatama District. The area will develop substantially during the years to come and the end result will be spectacular,” he says. REDI will be the beating heart of the local community, business and services – with over 60,000 square metres of retail space, it promises to be almost double the size of the shopping centre Kamppi, SRV’s previous success story in the field. With REDI, SRV is looking to upgrade the concept of a modern shopping centre – and has spent years in preparation to take on this challenge. As a consequence, SRV’s top design teams have been planning, from day one, to make REDI a great place to meet other people, to hang out and have a good time. Destination: REDI According to SRV’s plans, REDI will be a “dynamic destination experience” offering retail and leisure, unique merchandising mixes, and entertainment attractions. Introducing a whole new city district to the Helsinki city core is something that doesn’t hap-