Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2015 - Page 42

THE ANGLE By Petteri Lautso The writer is Customer value director of Ruukki Construction Building Information Modeling brings unprecedented life-cycle cost control to retail and commercial property development I t is a big advantage if the cost and timetable implications of each tenant request during and after construction can be evaluated swiftly. The changes in consumer behavior are so fast that we can’t necessarily predict exactly how the commercial spaces designed now will be used when the building is ready, let alone after ten years of use. Increasing attention is paid to flexibility of buildings, but it might not be simple to balance immediate construction costs and possible future savings. Ruukki construction has successfully used building information models (BIM) containing also cost and schedule data, so that developers can reduce hassle and improve the user experience they offer tenants. 40 Nordicum Another good example of the power of building product supplier BIM comes to play when optimizing operating costs. Changes in global economy can have drastic effects on energy costs. For developers it doesn’t mean striving for extreme energy efficiency, but solutions that produce reliable information on investments and operating cost. For example Ruukki Construction’s Energy panel, an exterior wall system that delivers extreme air-tightness has been well received. The BIM model that is a part of the system makes it possible to assess the investment cost and future savings on building level simultaneously. For Ruukki Construction, that delivers frames and envelopes, the use of build- ing information modeling has made it possible to deliver not only the physical structures, but information over the building lifecycle and specific issues at a given time during construction. New technology allows the entire chain of players from major building component manufacturers to users and owners of buildings to work together seamlessly. It is now just a question of building the right project team to realize the full potential of BIM.