Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2014 - Page 74

COMPANY BUSINESS CARDS RUUKKI CONSTRUCTION SKANSKA CDF OY Suolakivenkatu 1 FI-00810 Helsinki, Finland Phone +358 20 5911 Fax +358 20 592 9088 P.O. Box 114 (Nauvontie 18) FI-00101 Helsinki Finland Contact Person Contact Person Tiina Tukia, VP Marketing Ruukki Building Products Subsidiaries & Representatives Ruukki has a presence in around 30 countries; find your nearest representative via See page 38 and front insert Jorma Lehtonen Managing Director Phone +358 500 708 222 Specialty Areas Commercial development Ruukki specialises in the development, production and launch of products and services to promote energy efficiency and functional modifiability of commercial and industrial buildings. We are committed to creating added value both for real estate occupiers and investors. See page 41 Specialty Areas SRV GROUP PLC TAMPERE REGION ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AGENCY TREDEA LTD Derby Business Park P.O. Box 555 (Tarvonsalmenkatu 15) FI-02601 Espoo, Finland Phone +358 20 145 5200 Juhlatalonkatu 5 FI-33100 Tampere Finland Phone +358 50 505 2228 Fax +358 3 5653 4630 Contact Persons SRV is a leading Finnish real estate developer specialising in development, construction and commercialisation of retail and office premises, hotels, logistics and production objects, as well as residential property. SRV is aspired to improve quality of life through sustainable solutions for the built environment. Raimo Vähämaa Development Manager Specialty Areas Tredea Ltd maintains and strengthens the magnetism of the Tampere Central Region and fosters prerequisites for successful business.Tredea is a force that unites regional economic development activities and a builder of practical cooperation. Join the Tampere Business Region network – we’ll get you in! YIT CORPORATION PLC WSP FINLAND LTD P.O. Box 36 (Panuntie 11) FI-00621 Helsinki, Finland Phone +358 20 433 111 See page 58 Specialty Areas Contact Person See pages 45 and 46 Jouko Pöyhönen Director, Project Development Markus Laine Director, Real Estate Transactions and Investors Heikkiläntie 7 FI-00210 Helsinki, Finland Phone +358 207 864 11 Fax +358 207 864 800 Contact Persons Seppo Martikainen Vice President, Transactions Timo Tanskanen Sales Director, Transactions Contact Person Matti Mannonen, Managing Director YIT is a construction industry leader. We create better living environments in Finland, Russia, the Baltic countries, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Over 100 years of experience have secured for us a strong market position: We are the largest housing developer and one of the largest business premises and infrastructure developers in Finland, and the most significant foreign housing and area developer in Russia. We work for property investors as a supporting partner generating profitable investment solutions. Our vision is to stay one step ahead – while caring for our customers, partners and personnel. 1. Air Transport 2. Customs Services 3. Dangerous Goods Management 72 Nordicum 2014 4. 5. 6. 7. Freight Forwarding Freight Insurance Information Logistics Material Handling WSP Finland belongs to the international WSP Group, with 9,000 experts working in 200 permanent offices in 35 countries. Specialty Areas WSP Finland is a research, planning a