Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2014 - Page 64

Photo: Finavia Oyj Grönlund, Vice President at Kemira, said that combining various modes of transport is the biggest challenge for the company in Russia. Nurminen Logistics, for one, has solved the problem by buying its own train wagons – 1,000 of them, in fact. Since the roads can only take so much, it seems evident that the share of railway traffic is bound to grow. At the RailForum seminar, there were also more far-reaching ideas. Riivo Sinijärv, Managing Director of Baltic Rail, suggest62 Nordicum ed that trains could easily run from Mediterranean to the Baltic Sea and take goods to Russia via Finland. Sinijärv’s company had already achieved success by running block container trains from Koper to Gdansk via various connections. Having started the business in 2011, Baltic Rail remains the only player operating under such concept. Northern Reach Angelo Aulicino from Interporto Bologna agreed that goods going from Italy to Mos- cow could conceivably take the northern route. What is needed is flexible mix trains, management orchestration and minimising operations, Aulicino pointed out. Lappeenranta University of Technology Professor Olli-Pekka Hilmola assessed the rail situation in the field now and in the near future. Hilmola is eager to see Finland cut the cord with regards to oil: he believes the answer to lie in trains and containers. In his view, the “Finnish love affair” with roads and trucks is getting tiresome.