Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2014 - Page 61

Photos: Studio Daniel Libeskind for NCC The new downtown tower hotel – under construction just off the railway station – is one example of the new “Vertical Tampere”, but it appears that the skyline of the city will be completely transformed in the years to come. As the train station will enter a total makeover, an ambitious deck construction will be built over the tracks – and towers will be raised upon the deck. The vision plan for the project was made by the American “starchitect” Daniel Libeskind, bringing welcome cohesion into a city structure divided by tracks. “In the process, a totally new city district will be created,” Laiho says. The development is a co-operation of NCC Development, Tampere Central Arena Ltd and the City of Tampere. Hybrid Power Laiho notes that Tampere – as the biggest inland city in Nordic countries – has a catchment area that is different from, say, certain coastal capitals. “Our catchment area forms a full circle, which works in our favour,” he says. ing the change in downtown. With cars going underground, the urban environment is transformed, leaving more room for pedestrians and bicyclists. And there’s more, too: a light rail transportation system is also being planned for the city centre. Downtown Dynamite Five Star City Tampere is already busy building the future via considerable investments in order to respond to the city’s growth and construction needs. New residential areas must be built for the newcomers, and it makes sense to build new areas that are close to existing public and commercial services whenever po