Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2014 - Page 56

Photo: C&J Architects / Hartela / City of Turku pointing such areas – and turning raw data into globally successful products. ICT Comeback The other strong anchor at the Science Park – information and communication technology – is the second biggest business sector in Southwest Finland at the moment. But haven’t the recent struggles of Nokia impacted the sector negatively? Jouko Turto says that, actually, the change has not been that bad. “Many people who have left Nokia are starting their own companies and it is clear to see that a new kind of ecosystem has started to evolve here.” Interestingly enough, many of the ICT veterans tailor their products and services for the Life Sciences industry, he adds. The power of ICT lies largely in the fact that it is one of those sectors which can give a boost to just about any industry. At Turku Science Park, applied ICT is linked to – in addition to Bio/Life Sciences – also maritime and metal industries. Other upand-coming areas include electronics, digital media and speech and language technology. How Green Is Your City? Still, the City is pushing for the development of areas outside Science Park / Itäharju, as well. The strategy here is to create greenedge communities, with future city districts of Skanssi and Linnakaupunki, leading the way. The carbon dioxide emissions of these new neighbourhoods can be significantly decreased by utilising intelligent technology. 54 Nordicum This will also increase the citizens’ quality of life, and several of the solutions will soon pay for themselves. The second phase of the strategic cooperation between the City of Turku and Siemens was launched in autumn 2012, when the sustainable urban planning project was introduced. “We want future city districts that are innovative, ecological environments, as well as engines of economic growth,” Turto lays out the game plan. Skanssi and Linnakaupunki are still in their planning stages and they are believed to benefit from “toolkit” approach which can be used to construct city districts based on the principles of sustainable development. Siemens and the Cit Hو\