Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2014 - Page 50

plans, there will be food, fashion, leisure, activities and attractions, cafés and restaurants…everything you need for quality every-day life. The 150 stores and restaurants of the shopping centre should be able to oblige even the most demanding customers. Expect the Unexpected Pia Svensk promises that REDI will respond to the daily needs of the consumers – and offer a little bit of luxury on the side as well. Her challenge is to make sure that REDI provides something for everyone: “The moment you walk in, we want to be able to deliver that ‘Wow!’ factor. Each patron should feel that this is something strictly for me,” she defines the objective. In Svensk’s mind, the new shopping centre must be “easy and versatile” with big emphasis on enjoyable every-day life. For the primary target group, she envisions youthful-minded city dwellers who enjoy a wide range of services and activities. With a crystal-clear concept in hand, it is sometimes hard to remember that REDI won’t open its doors for another three years. Nevertheless, the project is running along smoothly: H[