Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2014 - Page 39

“Looking out the office window, you will see the city all around you – and all the services and all the action is just down below from where you work,” Salo envisions. The highest of the office buildings will reach 17 storeys. Realising the giant project is no small feat, even for a company with YIT’s sturdy shoulders, Salo admits. “What the company is doing here has unprecedented scope in the whole country,” he says, pointing out that the nearest comparison is probably nuclear power plant construction. Carrying out a huge project in the super-urban neighbourhood takes some serious planning and flawless execution, but YIT is ready for the big responsibility. “We have the chance to build something truly great here and we’re going to do it right.” Shoulder the Responsibility YIT will purchase the building rights planned for the area in phases as the construction progresses, which means that the funding need is moderate. The actual property transaction will be completed once the local plan has been confirmed. “With a price tag of one billion euros, the construction of Tripla will make about 10 % of the projected revenue of the company for many years,” comments Salo. Kari Kauniskangas, President and CEO of YIT, has characterised the project as “huge, technically demanding and diverse” – but YIT also has solid experience in large projects and comprehensive competence from exactly this kind of projects. YIT is excited about the possibility to im- plement the most important urban development project in Central Helsinki, not daunted by it. Still, every due caution is being observed, starting with proper design and risk management. Pasila Goes Green? And while Pasila has a (somewhat earned) reputation as a grey and dull neighbourhood, the City and YIT are aiming to introduce a green heart to the community. Park areas will abound here, and green roofs will cover one third of the total roof area. “The look of the centre will be very vibrant,” Salo promises. In addition, environmental friendliness and energy efficiency have been key starting points in all planning efforts. Green transport is supported by parking places for as many as 3,400 bicycles and there are charging stations for almost 400 electric cars. For waste collection, there will be a central vacuum waste system; for heating and cooling purposes, the centre will drill deep into the bedrock below. “Tripla will be a model for green construction in all regards,” says Salo, adding that the centre will acquire some sort of environmental certification further on down the road. Right Next Door During the last eight years, YIT has also been building the neighbouring new Vallilan Konepaja district in Helsinki. The plan is to construct approximately 1,300 residential units, of which 480 are completed, for a total of 2,500 residents. With the Central Pasi- la project, YIT continues the reform of central Helsinki in a smar Ё݅丁Q