Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2014 - Page 27

Under Construction M etro was introduced to the Helsinki Metropolitan Region in 1982 which was the year the original metroline started operations. Running from west to east, the line has been expanded many times since. The extension of the metroline to Espoo has been on the table from the very beginning, and the development of the public transport system from Helsinki to the west has been studied on numerous occasions over the years. Still, nothing happened for a quarter of a century. Finally, the project planning for the west metro was launched in 2007 and completed in 2008. The Espoo City Council ap- proved the proposal for the underground city plan enabling construction in January 2009 and Helsinki decided on the underground plan in November 2009. Construction of the west metro began in Ruoholahti in November 2009, where a metro plan extending from Ruoholahti to Salmisaari shore already existed. An existing maintenance tunnel in Ruoholahti was used for excavation towards Salmisaari. Excavation work began in Espoo and in Lauttasaari in Helsinki in the summer 2010. The excavation was concluded in late 2013, and the focus has shifted to the building of the stations and the laying of the track. Testing of the system will take place in 2014 Finnoo will become a sustainable, green maritime city of international standard. and the west metro will open for traffic at the end of 2015. The end of the line in the present scenario is Matinkylä, but the City of Espoo is hoping to continue westward and add five extra stations. The first of these, Finnoo, could be realised even if the additional construction never takes place. The metroline is likely to grow in the east as well. The City of Helsinki has been planning to extend the eastern metroline all the way to the neighbouring municipality of Sipoo. This project could conceivably take place right after the western project is complete. Nordicum 25