Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2014 - Page 24

portunities for the development and further construction of the area. The station designs also allow for construction on top of the metro station. With residential and business-oriented construction – as well as parking considerations – there could be as much as 50,000 square metres of new construction here. Then there’s Niittykumpu which was developed already some 50 years ago, and is today a peaceful and sleepy neighbourhood, and a centre of commercial car businesses. The Master Plan of the new centre of Niittykumpu has recently been approved, and construction of Niittykumpu metro station is about to be realised. Car business will move further away, and Niittykumpu will accommodate a new small commercial centre and about 200,000 square meters of new residential construction. The area will receive about 5,000 new inhabitants along with improved municipal services, parks and playgrounds. And, finally, we arrive at Matinkylä, the last stop. The dominant feature here is the shopping centre Iso Omena, the fifth biggest shopper’s paradise in the land. Matinkylä station will be located on the empty lot at the southern end of the shopping centre. Since Matinkylä is the end of the line, it is a crucial feeder traffic hub which is estimated to be used by over 30,000 passengers daily. In fact, based on passenger forecasts, it will be the busiest station of the new line. Maximum Matinkylä The block where the station will be located is owned by the City, and is expected to witness a boom in complementary construction. The plan for the block allows the placement of commercial services, offices or even residential buildings. The arrival of metro is expected to attract both new businesses and residents here. And at the very core of things, NCC Property Development and Citycon are making a genuine “metro centre,” conveniently linking the metro station, bus terminal and the shopping centre. Markus Saari, the Project Manager for Matinkylä, says that the top level of the new metro centre will be reserved for municipal services. “The City will have as much as 6,000 square metres of public services here.” Al- Matinkylä metro centre. Photo: HKP Architects 22 Nordicum