Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2014 - Page 18

Ylläs Calling Metsähallitus embarks on its most ambitious real estate development project yet The number one draw in Finnish tourism, in many regards, is Lapland, home of Aurora Borealis, countless herds of reindeer and, of course, Santa Claus. Skiing resorts have been a strong calling card for Lapland for a long time, offering a variety of before-and-after ski services for nature lovers. The crown jewel in this network of skiing resorts is Ylläs which offers, arguably, the best and the most versatile slalom in the land. H Double Action Metsähallitus is looking to push through a two-part attack. First, there is the expansion of the existing resort village in Iso-Ylläs area; second, there is the brand new resort village to be raised in neighbouring Äkäslompolo. Taken together, the initial plans call for 500,000 floor square metres of new construction. Partners for Iso-Ylläs area are the municipality of Kolari and Iso-Ylläs Ltd; for the new village, the partners are municipality and Lapland Hotels. 16 Nordicum “The new village in Äkäslompolo could feature as much as 330,000 floor square metres and would be able to accommodate 13,000 hotel patrons. The remaining