Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2014 - Page 15

same time it can be a common language, a bridge between different groups. For this reason cultural development and planning are regarded as valuable strategies to accelerate processes of urban growth or regeneration. Cities invest in cultural facilities and events, and in the preservation of their historical heritage, to make their transition to a post-industrial economy based on advanced services, sustainable functional mixes, and a high quality of the urban environment. Around the world, cultural clusters have become catalysts of a wholesome creative economy, involving a higher attractiveness for tourists, talent, and, ultimately, knowledge intensive enterprises in search of an innovative climate and high quality of life. Richard Florida said it first: information age workers attach a high value to a stimulating cultural climate. Often times, the very competitiveness of a city hangs in the balance, as the creative class is always poised to vote with their feet. ()ɥٕ