Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2013 - Page 7

Logistics centres are turning into flexible multimodal hubs, and developing into full-blown clusters of their own right. New areas, such as Nurmijärvi’s Ilvesvuori, attract companies through great connectivity. Pages 52–53. 40 Reinventing Tikkurila 42 Reach for the Sky 44 Innovations: The Great Fire of Turku in 2013 47 Tap into Travel 48 Versatility in Trying Times 50 Rebound City 52 Get Connected 53 Ilvesvuori: Great Location, Fast Service 54 Cure for the Common Office 56 Perfect Match 58 Designing Success 58 Lab Power 59 Listening to the Client Takes Center Stage 60 Opportunities for the Brave? 62 Lahti has made a name for itself as the champion of both design and cleantech, and continues to attract people and businesses in record-numbers. Still, the best may yet to come, as the redevelopment of key areas in the vicinity of the train station kicks off in earnest. Pages 56–58. Company Business Cards Nordicum 5