Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2013 - Page 61

Annual Convention 2012: Listening to the Client Takes Center Stage Annual Convention 2012 gathered real estate professionals to Hämeenlinna, Finland, in November. Over a period of two days, the seminar participants got to hear many insightful presentations ranging from macroeconomic outlooks to zoning and land use policies. The theme at Aulanko Conference Center was to find “The Way Forward” after four turbulent years in the global economy. One of the ways to secure that future involves putting the customer back in the driver’s seat and asking him what his needs are now – and in the future. C hanges in organisations’ strategies and space preferences – together with continuously developing office technology solutions – create increasing challenges for the physical working environments. It used to be that only the so-called creative forerunners would embrace radical changes in this regard, but now just about every organisation is looking to boost productivity through workplace and property management. Hanna Kaleva, Managing Director for KTI Property Information, observed that during recent years more and more emphasis has been placed on improving the work environment and the way things are done in and out of office. “These are trends which have only been gaining momentum of late,” she said. Get the Right Tools Jari Sarjo, Managing Director for government-owned Senate Properties, said that also the public sector needs modern workspace. “As streamlining takes place in many organisations, it is important to learn to use space more efficiently,” he said, adding that this situation has kicked off an intriguing transition as the former “property manager” is becoming a bona fide work environment and facilities expert. As a result, also government employees are seeing fashionable work space co