Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2013 - Page 55

edge, which is demonstrated by energy efficient solutions and environmentally friendly innovations. The construction of the first phase was completed in 2010 and the entire area should be concluded by the end 2013. Kouvola Gaining Momentum Another inland logistics powerhouse can be found about 60 kilometres to the east from Lahti. Kouvola, located in Southeast Finland, is the biggest railway hub in the land and also a leading “dry harbour” in the country. The newest logistics area in the region is Kullasvaara which features 20 hectares of space. Kouvola relies on diversity: customs functions, special warehouses and various added value services can all be found in the area. The logistics companies in the region want to serve as strategic partners to their customers, finding new ways to improve productivity. The region is focusing on the Russian transport business with full intention on developing the Trans-Siberian Rail operations – and looking even further down the tracks, all the way to China. Turku Builds Big Moving on to the west coast, there is LogiCity – currently the biggest on-going logistics project in the land. Located just off the City of Turku, LogiCity is being built in an area bordered by the airport, the railway connection, the motorway into Central Finland Lahti 7