Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2013 - Page 54

Photo: Architects LSV Oy Get Connected Finnish logistics centres blossom into true clusters The customers demand logistical solutions that are more dynamic and more competitive than ever. As a result, we are seeing logistic centres turn into multimodal hubs with emphasis on flexibility. I n the industry, there’s talk of entire logistics clusters which have come to exist as different companies have seen the value of getting together in the same (more or less) geographical area. Within the cluster, regional logistics centres establish themselves close to local industry and business, while logistics service companies have a more complementary role to play. Cluster networking, however, goes beyond the traditional norm as new forms of cooperation – such as linking the flow of goods or building joint IT systems – keep emerging. Kerava Kick Off Looking at the logistics scene in Finland, it is clear to see that the construction of 52 Nordicum the new harbour in Vuosaari, slightly east of downtown Helsinki, has impacted the big picture. Most new logistics centres are raised within a striking distance from Vuosaari. One of the areas eager to get a piece of the pie is Kerca in Kerava.With the opening of Vuosaari, the Uusimaa Region’s transportation and distribution hub is shifting eastwards towards Kerca. Kerca occupies a unique location in relation to main arteries and Finland’s railway network. The completion of Ring Road IV will make Kerava an even more significant location. Kerca is an intermodal centre that efficiently integrates road and rail transport. The railway yard, the container and trailer handling area, and the adjacent terminal area form the heart of the centre. Lahti Knows Logistics A little north from Kerca we enter into Lahti Region which has a strong reputation as a logistics expert. The region possesses a brand new significant hub which combines great connections with fresh logistics ideology: Kujala Logistics Centre. Featuring integrated facilities and services for operators, the Kujala Centre is located about three kilometres east of the Lahti city centre just off of the E75 motorway. Success factors of Kujala Logistics Centre include excellent connections via road and rail, ample supporting services, advantages of synergy through unified area structure and availability of land area and real estate as well as human resources. In addition, Kujala Logistics Centre has a green