Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2013 - Page 52

Rebound City Kouvola is reinventing itself via trade, logistics and a wave of new construction Rooted on strong industrial expertise, Kouvola Region is driven by an innovative mindset and its excellent location near both Helsinki and St. Petersburg. Presently, there are plenty of exciting things going on in the dynamic region. T alking with Asko Pesonen, Managing Director for economic development company Kouvola Innovation (Kinno), one is quickly convinced that the region is especially well connected. Located in SouthEast Finland, it takes little over one hour to get to Helsinki by train, and two hours if you’re heading to St. Petersburg. Kouvola’s excellent location along the main roads 6, 12 and 15 makes the city the leading dry 50 Nordicum harbour in the land, catering to the needs of the major export ports of South Finland. In the past, Kouvola’s position as the number one railway hub in the land has served it well. Pesonen believes that developing railway logistics will be a key factor in the future, too. According to plans, goods from all over North Europe could be organised here, before they leave the European Union and enter Russia. The tracks keep going all the way to China, which is another alluring prospect. “We have the capability to serve as a very effective railway corridor,” Pesonen says. Ready to Play Kouvola stands poised to take advantage of the emerging opportunities. In the Kouvola logistics centre area, there are terminals