Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2013 - Page 42

Reinventing Tikkurila YIT is building an urban power hub in the heart of Vantaa The future of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area is built upon tracks of steel. In addition to the metro expansion to Espoo, there is another high-profile project in the works. Ring Rail Line will reach north from Helsinki, ultimately connecting the downtown with the Helsinki-Vantaa International Airport. A long the way one finds Tikkurila, the main urban centre for the City of Vantaa. As it stands, Tikkurila Station is already the third busiest railway station in Finland, right after Pasila and Helsinki. But as the new Ring Rail Line is completed in 2014 – and Tikkurila becomes the primary connection point between long-distance trains and the Airport – Tikkurila is likely to take the runner-up position. With change, comes business opportunity. The City of Vantaa had been looking to upgrade the Tikkurila Centre for quite some time, as some functions of the logistics hub leave a lot to be desired. At the same time, YIT was expressing an interest towards developing the Tikkurila centre, looking at especially the possibilities inherent in the station area. Finally, YIT came forth with its plans and the City got excited about the project. 40 Nordicum Building on Tradition Director Tapio Salo from YIT says that the company has a long history in Tikkurila – having been involved in developing the area since 1980’s – and was eager to take on the challenge again. Around five years ago, YIT set out to design a new type of office and retail centre. “The message from the City was that the profile of the Tikkurila centre needed to be revamped and we started planning for solutions,” Salo looks back. The project was not without its share of challenges, as the site in question is a narrow strip of land located on the northern side of the station. However, building only a few metres away from the tracks is nothing new to YIT – in fact, the company’s headquarters in Käpylä, Helsinki, are similarly located. As YIT was committed to the all-round development of the area, the right planning solutions could be found for this particular case, too. Finally, in August 2012 it was announced that YIT will begin the work on the construction of a new office and retail centre adjacent to the Tikkurila railway station – as well as a complex of three residential buildings to the railway station area. The total value of the station project is more than EUR 150 million. Two Towers Tikkurila Commercial Centre brings together a lively shopping centre and five office blocks, which contain almost 15,000 m² shopping space and over 19,000 m² of unique office space. In total, there will be 12-floored complex with a separate parking lounge.