Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2013 - Page 41 Joensuun region Best of the Joensuu region – Penttilänranta The Joensuu region offers everything you need to lead a good life. Situated amidst an untouched natural environment with beautiful waterways, the region is home to many successful enterprises and offers excellent service provision, a wealth of leisure activities, reasonably priced homes, a range of job opportunities and well-functioning transport connections. New opportunities are also opening up in the region. Over the next few years, a new residential and employment area – Penttilänranta – will gradually develop in the vicinity of the city centre, along the shore of the Pielisjoki River. MADRID In the Joensuu region, modern people fulfil their dreams. Versatile service provision is available close to nature, while wellfunctioning transport connections and excellent service networks make life amidst the beautiful, hilly and wooded landscape enviably easy-going. The Joensuu region is also great for those who engage actively in leisure-time hobbies – here you’ll find the full range of possibilities within arm’s reach. Diverse cultural offerings and exercise opportunities enhance the quality of life. Excellent transport connections and a location close to the eastern border bring logistic advantages to companies targeting the extensive Russian and Scandinavian markets. Diversified educational and research activities help companies achieve success in the future too. blocks, two sites have been designated for high-rise construction. Wooden blocks of flats will also be constructed in the area. At the first stage, a developer is being sought for the construction of a wooden block of flats on a plot sized 3,300 k-m² with building rights for a gross floor area of 3,100 m². A developer will later be sought for another, much larger project, 22 000 m² (three plots), with building rights for a gross floor area of 24,900 m². The number of flats in the first stage will probably be 40 to 50, and 330 to 350 in the second. In the first stage, the construction height will be five storeys and four to five in the second. Over the next 20–30 years, 1,500 residences housing 3,000 inhabitants will be built in Penttilänranta. HELSINKI STOCKHOLM SAINT PETERSBURG MOSCOW BERLIN PARIS ROME aimed at expediting the construction work and finding practicable, high-quality, diverse and innovative implementation solutions. The Penttilänranta project has also participated in several research projects and received accolades in various competitions. A compact, comfortable, green city Penttilänranta – a trendsetter A sizeable area with blocks of flats, Penttilänranta, is to be constructed in Joensuu on the shore of the Pielisjoki River. The architecture of Penttilänranta adds a new element to the Joensuu city centre. The area is developing into a desirable, urban residential and employment area that takes advantage of the riverside scenery and is proud of its history, with exemplary low energy consumption and environmental load. The area to be constructed comprises roughly 25 hectares, while the area in its entirety totals around 50 hectares. Construction in the area is urban and relatively dense in character. Most of the buildings are 4–6 storeys high. In the central In between the constructed areas will be parks and squares. Building on the shores, easy routes, high-quality street areas and open public spaces make the area comfortable for everyone. Starting in the planning stage, efforts will be taken to minimise energy consumption and environmental load. Examples of these include light-traffic solutions and lighting that utilises the latest LED technology, along with low-energy structural solutions. In many different ways, the Penttilänranta project has sought a new form of functional culture. A planning partnership was tested in Joensuu for the first time when construction companies were invited to participate in finalising the draft plan. Early collaboration Diverse artwork is exhibited extensively throughout the Penttilänranta residential area, where one percent of the implementation costs of both environmental and housing construction is invested in art acquisition. The City of Joensuu acquires art for parks and squares while the art in the yards, on the facades and in the stairways of blocks of flats is acquired by private home builders. Artists, too, have discovered Penttilänranta – nearly 200 artists from different parts of Finland have registered with the Artist Bank. Tel. + 358 50 331 5988 Tel. + 358 50 310 9779