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NORDICUM Real Estate Annual Finland Kick-Start My Heart Start-ups are the big buzz in Finland right now. As traditional industries are struggling, the attention turns to quick-and-nimble hi-tech newcomers with plans for global domination. The fall of Nokia and the rise of Rovio, the makers of Angry Birds, has given many people pause. Looks like content – taken in a broad context – is king once more. Publisher PubliCo Oy Pälkäneentie 19 A FI-00510 Helsinki Finland Phone +358 9 686 6250 Fax +358 9 685 2940 Editor-in-Chief In this issue of NORDICUM, we hear the views of Silicon Valley start-up guru Steve Blank who knows a thing or two about building successful businesses dedicated to fierce growth. During his “active duty,” out of the eight companies he launched, four went public – and two were tremendous moneymakers. On the other hand, two enterprises turned out to be “craters”, in Blank-speak, meaning that they went out of business in spectacular fashion. The odds-game for start-up survival tells us that only one start-up out of ten has a chance of making it. Blank, on the other hand, retired with a batting average of .75 which means that he is really the master at bucking the odds. In this issue, we also take a look at the cities who are keen on helping fledgling companies along on their journey. More and more, communities in Finland understand the significance of growth businesses and want to make sure that the start-ups get a fighting chance. Of course, the mythology comes into play here: according to the Silicon Valley lore, all you need is a vacant garage and a great idea to strike gold. It is true that with the new, mobile ways of working, not all companies need towers made of glass and steel to appear respectable. At the same time, trying to woo venture capitalists in a garage might be a bit of a challenge. As a consequence, what the new start-ups need – and what smart cities are trying to provide for them – is access to versatile networks and modern, multi-use premises. Bringing like-minded people together will get you results – and getting different-minded people in a room will sometimes yield even bigger results. At the core of any booming business today, of course, we find innovation. The word itself, however, has worn thin from excessive use: it is hard to find a company that doesn’t swear by it. In fact, also all countries bank on the power of innovation. Professor Alf Rehn has remarked that even North Korea believes in success via innovation – which makes you wonder, if the term hasn’t lost all its flavour by now. The key word in Steve Blank’s start-up philosophy isn’t innovation. It’s passion. Jussi Sinkko Editor-in-Chief Jussi Sinkko Editorial Coordinator Mirkka Lindroos Project Manager Paul Charpentier Contributors Merja Kihl Ari Mononen Sami J. Anteroinen Language Editor Dialog Designs Graphic Design Riitta Yli-Öyrä Ad Sales Finland Mr. Paul Charpentier Phone +358 9 6866 2533 Fax +358 9 685 2940 Mr. Risto Valkeapää Phone +358 9 6866 2532 Fax +358 9 685 2940 Sweden Mr. Johan Lindberg Phone +358 9 6866 2541 Fax +358 9 685 2940 Germany Mr. Lutz Ehrhardt Phone +49 40 367 311 Fax +49 40 365 993 Subscriptions Phone +358 9 686 6250 Fax +358 9 685 2940 E-mail: Cover Photo Eric Millette Printed by PunaMusta, February 2013 Photographic and advertising material is sent at the owner’s risk. NORDICUM accepts no liability for loss or damage. NORDICUM is a bimonthly magazine on Nordic business. NORDICUM promotes Baltic Sea area cooperation and free markets. NORDICUM is not affiliated with any political party or financial institution. ISSN 1236-3839 ()AՉ