Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2013 - Page 38

Matinkylä metro station will be the most active station in the expansion line – offering a diverse service package The coming metro line is causing waves all around Espoo – but nowhere is the excitement more tangible than in Matinkylä, which will be the end of the line for the westbound line. Already a home to the sixth biggest shopping centre in the country – Iso Omena (or, Big Apple, in English) – the emerging metro centre will push the neighbourhood into another level entirely. D uring the coming years, the shopping centre will grow immensely, as the southern end of the centre will witness the construction of the metro station, bus terminal and commercial premises. The bus terminal alone will be a considerable project, since feeder traffic will be largely directed to Matinkylä as it is the anchor station in the line. There will be an expansion of about 24,000–30,000 square metres to the shopping centre, meaning that the Big Apple will get a lot bigger, reaching 75,000 square metres. 36 Nordicum The development of the metro centre is a partner effort: Citycon and NCC Property Development are in charge of realising the high-profile project. Citycon, as the owner of the shopping centre, sounds like a natural choice for the project, but, in fact, originally the City of Espoo arranged an idea competition regarding the development of the metro station. The finalists were Citycon and NCC. Marko Juhokas, Senior Vice President for Citycon Finland, looks back at the origins of the project: “The City of Espoo liked our plan a lot, but at the same time, the plan by NCC showed a more effective usage of space. As a consequence, the City asked if we could combine our forces and develop the project together.” Best of Both Worlds Citycon and NCC quickly warmed up to the idea of partnership and have been working on the project together for more than three years now. Jukka Manninen, Unit Director for Retail at NCC Property Development, Photos: Citycon Big Apple Goes Mega