Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2013 - Page 35

Photos: SARC Architects tial use – which has always been a strong element here – should encompass about 400,000 square metres; office construction will add another 400,000 and the rest will be divided between trade, education and service premises. “Right now, there is ongoing residential construction for 50,000 square metres which means homes for 1,000 people,” Mäkinen says, adding that there are numerous projects that will materialise by 2015, coinciding with the launch of the metro. The showstopper at this ball will be the new-and-improved shopping centre that will have residential buildings constructed on top of it. According to the plans, the new entity will also feature a park on the residential deck: “Garden City gone vertical,” in a sense. “What we will see here is the biggest construction project in Espoo for 20–30 years,” Mäkinen puts it all in perspective. Respecting the Legacy formation by 2020 – spurred on by the arrival of the metro in 2015. Project Director Antti Mäkinen is in charge of the T3 Triangle Development Project and very excited about returning Tapiola to her former glory. In accordance to the development strategy, the objective is to strengthen the very best values of Tapiola, uphold the quality of the environment and find guidelines for Tapiola’s new success. In the process, such issues as structural, social, economic and visual sustainability will be carefully considered. Million in the Works “Tapiola 2.0” will see a new wave of development that will introduce one million square metres of construction. Residen- Since Tapiola holds such an important place in the hearts of the Finns, one has to proceed very carefully with all upgrade projects. The critics maintain that nothing at all ought to be touched in the community – but Mäkinen points out that the renewal process simply must be carried out, or the proud community will crumble to the ground. “We are preserving the old spirit of Tapiola in everything we do,” he promises. The new Tapiola will also be even greener than the old one with dedicated focus on sustainable development. For example, as the Tapiola Centre is planned as one entity from the beginning, there are considerable energy savings to be achieved. The area will also feature a mass district cooling system – first of its kind in Espoo. Mäkinen says that the Tapiola Centre will be a real haven for pedestrians – and, in fact, the biggest of its kind in all of Finland. With underground parking, cars won’t even be visible. And with the metro, the need for cars is minimised. Aalto University Gaining Momentum Next stop is Otaniemi which boasts the Finnish version of Silicon Valley, combining higher education with research and business. As Aalto University decided to place its main campus in Otaniemi, the significance of the area rose even higher. Dubbed as the “innovation university”, Aalto is the perfect example of the type of collaboration between business, hi-tech and design that the entire T3 triangle is all about. “Aalto University is a real engine for innovation, spurred on by the enth