Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2013 - Page 33

LIGHTS FINNOO MARINA CITY OPEN IDEAS COMPETITION competition to see what kind of ideas would be emerge for the new community. Torsti Hokkanen says that there were 62 competition entries with many solid ideas. In the end, three entries were selected as the joint winner: “Fin-Fin Situation”, “Lights” and “Canal Grande”. Mayor Jukka Mäkelä comments that the three winning proposals present the key themes that provide the basis for further design and planning work. “When the plan begins to take shape, practical cooperation with the actors interested in the area can also begin. The new Finnoo will become a sustainable, green maritime city of international standard for all Espoo inhabitants,” Mäkelä promises. The themes from the competition that the City is most eager to take forward involve focus on pedestarian and bicycle traffic, as well as energy efficiency and carbon neutral practises. In addition to the shoreline, Finnoo has other natural assets in its disposal, too. A nature and ecology centre could be realised here in the coming years, Hokkanen says. “The centre needs to find partners in order to materialise, but we are optimistic it can be done.” The process involving zoning has two parts: Finnoo I and Finnoo II. The first part is already looking for partners to realise the city plan. “With regards to Finnoo II, which concerns the western side, the idea is to utilise wood construction in the making of this area,” Hokkanen says. Going All the Way As the Espoo City officials are hopeful that the Finnoo-Kivenlahti extension will eventually materialise, there are more than ten- 7 tative plans for the development of the communities along the metroline. “The interest level is rising in, for example, Kaitaa which is the station right after Finnoo,” comments Ho