Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2013 - Page 32

“What we are asking is simply a green light, a commitment from the State.” Marching Order Needed In Louko’s mind, building the FinnooKivenlahti stretch would give Helsinki time to get their plans for Eastern metro expansion ready. This means that after the bonus stretch west is up and running, the construction crews could head east and start work in Helsinki. “In this scenario, there would be plenty of work for metro construction professionals in the Helsinki Metropolitan Region until 2030, which should make the situation attractive for also international players who don’t want to commit to short-term projects.” Even if the Government wouldn’t look favourably upon Espoo’s request, Finnoo 30 Nordicum station can be added to the core western metroline without much difficulty. At present, this seaside neighbourhood is home to about 3,000 people, but it has been underdeveloped due to water purification activities in the area. Now, as the water purification plant is shifting operations elsewhere, there is suddenly more room for development – in many fronts. Finnoo: Marina City Emerging Project Director Torsti Hokkanen from the City of Espoo says that Finnoo could accommodate as many as 20,000 residents (or rather, 15,000 inhabitants for Finnoo and 5,000 for the neighbouring Kaitaa.) According to Hokkanen, the northern part of Finnoo will be largely defined by the coming metro station and its surroundings. There are plans which allow for high-rise construction by the metro station: the highest of these towers could reach 40 stories. The new-and-improved Finnoo is also looking to fully explore its access to the sea in the south. Presently, there is already an active boat harbour – accommodating 1,100 boats, it is the largest of its kind in the metropolitan area – and the harbour concept will be fine-tuned, as well. With a new focus on service orientation, the harbour could double its current boat capacity. Olavi Louko talks about the “last great shore area in Espoo”, promising that the new area will be developed with all due consideration. “We want to build a Marina City, with a definite seaside focus.” Pushing Innovation The City held an international architectural