Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2013 - Page 25

are already exciting things going on in the area. In the summer 2013, for instance, there will be quality maritime entertainment: “Tall Ships Races is coming to Jätkäsaari, with as many as 100 ships expected to make an appearance.” Kalasatama: Smart City In addition to Jätkäsaari, the other former port area which is now open for urban development is Kalasatama. Located along the eastern shores of the core city area, Kalasatama is just minutes away from downtown. In addition to connectivity, there is beautiful maritime milieu here. Project Manager Hannu Asikainen is convinced that upon completion, Kalasatama will be an amazing area for everyone. Asikainen also remarks that effective public transport (spearheaded by the Kalasatama metro station) and the central location make Kalasatama an alluring prospect for residents and companies alike. There will be, for example, a six-kilometre promenade by the shore and ambitious high-rise construction at the Kalasatama Centre which will become the heart of the new community. The Kalasatama Centre should be impressive enough, consisting of six residential towers, and also a hotel tower and an office tower. The towers will have 20–33 storeys, the highest tower reaching 126 metres. In the Kalasatama Centre area, Itäväylä road will be covered with an extensive lawn-covered deck, which will also serve as the floor for residential building yards. The towers will be complemented by a versatile commercial centre and a social and health care centre. and restaurant ships – and the street grid has been designed in a manner that optimises seaside views for everyone. “The urban look of Kalasatama will be something that hasn’t been seen in Finland yet,” Asikainen promises. By 2030, the district will be a home for 20,000 residents, with 8,000 people coming here to work every day. Centre of Attention Future in the Making There will also be a world-class shopping centre here. Under the working title REDI, the shopping centre will feature food, fashion, leisure, activities and attractions, cafés and restaurants and respond to the daily needs of the consumers. SRV wants to make the new shopping centre as easy-going and versatile as possible, with focus on enjoying the every-day life. According to the plans, the social and health care centre, streets and bridges and the first residential tower will be completed in 2016 and the commercial centre should open for business at the same time. The remaining parts of the Kalasatama Centre will be gradually completed by 2021. And that’s just the Centre: in addition, Kalasatama will feature floating apartments In addition to mighty high-rise construction and the shoreline action, Kalasatama will have considerable IQ. The district will become a model for ambitious smart grids, meaning, among other things, that residents can produce energy themselves – and ultimately, sell it, too. “Also the use of electric cars is encouraged here,” Asikainen says. In line with the green ideology, Kalasatama also features an underground waste collection system that is identical to that of Jätkäsaari. While the completion of construction is estimated to occur in the 2030s, there are already hundreds of people living in the new district. Kalasatama has also made a name for itself as the fun place to go for various activities and happenings. Asikainen has been Jätkäsaari’s Wood City will feature breath-taking architecture