Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2013 - Page 22

satama Centre project. During Laine’s start at the company, his phone has been ringing quite a lot: “There is definitely a lot of interest from the investors in this project, and during the year, we have been able to offer a more detailed picture of what’s to come.” It is no wonder that a cross between a shopping centre and a city centre – in the middle of a catchment area of a million people – has attracted a lot of attention, even this early on in the game. Laine points out that everything in Kalasatama starts and ends with the great connections: “There are half a million people living with a 15 minutes’ car ride from the Centre,” he offers an example. Even the international airport is located conveniently nearby. Taking All Comers Fantastic Four REDI is also ready to handle the flow of customers regardless of the mode of transport they utilise: starting from the bottom, there are several levels reserved for car parking, one level for buses, trams and pedestrians and one for the metro traffic. “By having these three entrance levels, we can keep the people flow pretty even,” adds Laine. According to Pia Svensk, the remarkable architecture of the centre has a big role in generating strong footfall and, ultimately, leading to a superior shopping experience. SRV is clearly looking to hit a home run and to elicit a “Wow!” or two from the patrons when they visit the shopping oasis for the first time. “The best shopping centres in the world are also travel destinations in their own right. We want to create something here that will cause a definite buzz – and make people come and check it out for themselves what the fuss is about.” Bridging Private& Public W hile eight towers go vertical in the east, there are four other towers waiting in the wings in the west. SRV is looking to “make it a dozen” by introducing new kind of residential innovation to the most high-profile corporate shore in the land: namely, Keilaniemi in Espoo. Keilaniemi is home to such Finnish corporate giants as Kone, Nokia and Fortum – and their headquarters are not exactly small in size, either. So far, no residential solutions have been developed for the neighbourhood. Sensing a golden opportunity, SRV came up with a concept of Keilaniemi Towers a few years ago. According to the plans, Keilaniemi Towers is to feature four housing towers which certainly won’t be eclipsed by their neighbours: with 30–40 storeys each, the buildings will reach over 120 metres. Due to their round design, the towers will be able to offer optimal seaside views. The area under development includes about 70,000 square metres of residential building volume. The key idea is that the residential development plan will go hand in hand with the construction of the metro line. Project Development Director Jouko Pöyhönen comments that the project has its share of challenges – the traffic arrangements in the area, for example, are quite demanding. Nevertheless, SRV is committed to the project and believes that the four towers will make a spectacular addition to Keilaniemi. “Keilaniemi Towers is a mega-class project and we are keen on following through with it.” 20 Nordicum In addition to shopping splendour, about 2,000 people will also be able to call Kalasatama Centre their home, as the entity will feature a strong residential element – complete with breathtaking seaviews, of course. The centre will also include public premises, for example a social and healthcare service facility for the City of Helsinki. Project Development Director Jouko Pöyhönen views Kalasatama as the new, powerful centre for the Helsinki core area in the east. “The key issues here deal with linking commercial and public services in the context of one common concept,” he says, adding that similarities to Kamppi do exist. Pöyhönen also knows that the [