Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2013 - Page 21

ises on Kalasatama centre. She couldn’t be more excited about the task ahead: “This project offers great opportunities and it will, among other things, change the silhouette of the entire city. It’s exhilarating to be a part of this thing right from the beginning,” she says. What will REDI entail, then? According to the plans, there will be food, fashion, leisure, activities and attractions, cafés and restaurants…everything you need for quality every-day life. “REDI will respond to the daily needs of the consumers – and it will also offer a little bit of luxury,” Svensk promises. Her challenge is to make sure that REDI provides something for everyone – but that “everyone” must feel special from the moment he/she walks through the doors. “The patron should feel that this is something strictly for me,” she defines the objective. The 150 stores/restaurants of the centre should be able to oblige even demanding customers. Enjoy the Every-Day centres, when you go in, you immediate feel immersed in colour, sounds and scents. You are being whisked off into a different world – and that’s where the experience lies.” Make the Connection As the former Department Store Director, Svensk has plenty of experience from communicating with demanding customers on an emotional level and she is bringing her considerable vision to the project. Svensk leads the development and design of the retail concepts as well as the renting of retail prem