Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2013 - Page 16

Photo: Davidsson Tarkela Architects / Helsinki City Planning Department restaurant with a viewing deck. The podium contains a sports centre with various sports programmes. The roof of the podium extends the current deck surface of the Leijona square providing for the public space in terms of green landscape and various sports uses like basketball and wall climbing. All and all, Leijona Tower could add 50,000 square meters of new construction to the site. The tower project might well come to life, since there are no neighbours to complain about living in the shadow of the giant and two railways and a massive road network make sure the complex is superbly connected. Furthermore, Harkimo’s drive in demanding real estate projects is well documented: after all, Hartwall Arena came to exist even if the politicians at the time (including the Prime Minister) weren’t too keen on it. According to the initial schedule, construction phase would start in 2013 and the tower would be ready for public by the end of 2015. Nothing, however, has been heard from the project for a year now. 14 Nordicum Keilaniemi: Introducing Residential Moving on to Espoo, there are big plans under way as well. The proud skyscraper line-up in Keilaniemi – with headquarters of Nokia, Kone and Fortum standing tall along the shore – is about to receive some reinforcements. This time, however, there will be a twist: while Keilaniemi is a corporate neighbourhood, the newcomers will introduce residential living to the area. Once again, the developer here is SRV. There are, in total, four residential tower blocks which are being planned for Keilaniemi. The towers have been planned to total 32–36 storeys. The flats in these round towers would open to the surrounding landscape as widely as possible. Furthermore, a comprehensive range of flat types can be created in the towers, using high-quality materials. The shared recreation and sauna premises are planned to span the entire top floor, so that even inhabitants of the lower-level flats will be able to enjoy the open seaside views. The Missing Link The planned residential towers are close to the culturally and historically valuable milieu of Tapiola, the fabled Garden City. The broad expanses of green areas in Tapiola will be complemented by Keilaniemenpuisto Park. The new park is to be built over a deck which will provide a green link between the Keilaniemi waterfront and Tapiola. For developer SRV, this decade offers plenty of challenges with both Kalasatama and Keilaniemi reaching for the sky: there is a total of twelve towers to construct. The company has, however, planned the construction and commercialisation schedules in a flexible manner so that it can phase the projects according to the market situation. Sami J. Anteroinen