Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2013 - Page 20

High Times Finland’s biggest residential area project is taking shape in Kalasatama, Helsinki – bringing also unprecedented commercial appeal Kalasatama is the most significant residential area construction project in Finland during this decade, and quite possibly the next, too. In fact, the area will be ready by 2030 when 20,000 residents and 8,000 jobs are to be found here. An undertaking of this magnitude deserves a worthy anchor – and SRV is poised to build a strong heart for the new district. K alasatama Centre will introduce the age of skyscrapers into the metropolitan area – with as many as eight highrise towers reaching for the sky. This octet of towers will be built around the Itäväylä highway and the metro station. All and all, there will be six residential towers, one office tower and one hotel tower, with the highest of the pack rising up to 126 metres. Consequently, Itäväylä and the metro will be covered with an expansive green deck, allowing for smooth traffic flow. While residential living in Helsinki is destined to reach new heights, there is plen- 18 Nordicum ty of action down below, as well: SRV wants to maximise the impact of the centre by creating a superb shopping centre. Ready for REDI Pia Svensk, the new Director of Retail Concepts for SRV, says that the shopping centre REDI will be something to see. She is of the opinion that the very best shopping centre in Helsinki might not have been built yet: “We are confident that REDI will be a contender for the top spot,” she says, adding that SRV has been in preparation to take on this challenge for a long time. Benchmarking of international success stories has yielded insights into such issues as customer flow and guidance techniques, but the most important lesson is, in fact, a matter of the heart: “What is missing from Finnish shopping centres right now is emotion,” she says, pointing out that many shopping centres come off as sterile places of business, with no real feel to them. She talks of “cold space” which should be brought to life through various means. “In the best international shopping