Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2008 - Page 31

NORDICUM REAL ESTATE SPECIAL REPORT Profile player Hartela gives Keilaniemi a welcome upgrade with K9 The ultra-modern landmark will soon rise in Espoo’s Keilaniemi district, next to Otaniemi. The new K9 premises, constructed by Hartela, will tower above sea level, providing the final piece of the high-profile puzzle on the shoreline. The proud headquarters of Nokia, Kone and Fortum are located south of the new project. T omi Mäkinen, Project Manager for Hartela, says that the company is planning to start actual construction in early 2008. “K9 should take three and a half years to complete, so the building could be ready in the beginning of 2011,” Mäkinen lays down the schedule. The project is certainly ambitious enough: K9 seeks to combine the best elements of urban construction, nature and existing buildings in its implementation. Mäkinen points out that K9 is unique in the sense that the shoreline giant is in direct proximity to the sea and nature. “The location is spectacular, but also the architecture and technology are world-class,” Mäkinen promises. Tower talk Janne Sipilä, Director for Development and Marketing at Hartela, says that K9 has created quite a buzz in the corporate circles. “Many big companies have expressed their interest, along with a host of smaller players,” he says. At this point, there are practically unlimited opportunities as to what to do with the premises. One possibil- ity is to deploy the ten top floors as living quarters, even. “We like to keep our options open at this point,” Sipilä says. One of the advantages K9 will have – in comparison to other similar business towers – is great parking facilities. K9 will reach five storeys underground and the space is to be used mainly as parking area. Also some technical features will be fitted underground. “Digging that deep will also take up a lot of time, probably a year,” Tomi Mäkinen reveals. The over-all entity K9 is so large that it enables various service solutions - which should be attractive from the point of view of future tenants. Sipilä and Mäkinen point out that the arrival of the metro line – perhaps in 2012 or 2013 – will add to excellent traffic connections. Lessons of Life Science The construction of K9 is only about to begin, but there is another Hartela project in the neighbourhood that is drawing to a close. The fifth and final building of the Swing Life Science Center will be ready in December 2007. At this moment, Hartela has a strong desire to resume with the next phase of Swing Life Science Center project somewhere in the neighbourhood. Mäkinen has been involved in the final negotiations with tenants. “The concept has been so successful that we’re running out of room,” he says. The Swing Life Science Center provides a dynamic business community for companies involved in state-of-the- art technology in the life sciences. The business concept behind the Swing Life Science Center is to offer the companies within the cluster with efficient premises that promote creativity. Hartela views both Swing Life Science Center and K9 to be part of the same evolution: the core principle uniting the two projects is commitment to service-orientation. “We want to tailor the buildings specifically to the needs of the customers and have a wide range of tools in our disposal to achieve this goal,” Mäkinen sums up. Finnzymes, Rintekno, CSC and Schering are the main tenants of the first four buildings, and the fifth house will be run by Huhtamäki. All the buildings are owned by Etera. Energising teamwork According to Mäkinen, one important element of Swing Life 29 Science Center is the unusual layout. “The layout is ideal for teamwork as the distances are relatively small,” he says. “There is a great degree of interaction and flexibility in the offices and the working atmosphere is very positive.” Director Sipilä remarks that the tenant companies are not competitors, but allies. “There are synergy opportunities within each individual house and also between the houses.” The Keilaniemi hi-tech area is second to none in the country and merits special consideration from Hartela also in the future. With Life Science Center and K9, Hartela has established a new and powerful concept, and perhaps something similar is already in the works? “The interest level is certainly high, so a new project in the area is not out of the question,” Sipilä replies. b