Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2008 - Page 18

Coresma 08 Toimitilat ja palvelut osana tehokasta liiketoimintaa w w w.w a n h a s a t a m a . c o m Tuottavat neliöt. Varmista osallistumisesi alasi ajankohtaiseen tapahtumaan. Ilmoittaudu nyt! Aika: 6.2.2008 Paikka: Wanha Satama Pikku Satamakatu 3–5, 00160 Helsinki 6 . 2 . 2 0 0 8 Wa n h a S a t a m a Union Investment committed to sustainability A s a real estate investor with a focus on the long term, Union Investment – one of Europe’s leading property investment management companies – is committed to sustainable development of inner-city sites. Sustainability is therefore one of the primary considerations in its property investments. Decisions are also based on general factors associated with location and the surrounding area. The regeneration of Central Plaza Hamburg, a Un- iImmo: Deutschland property since 1989, is one example of sustainable investment. Central Plaza Hamburg is located in Hamburg’s Neustadt area just to the west of the city centre. A new building will be constructed adjacent to the existing high-rise block. Union Investment will commence refurbishment work at Central Plaza Hamburg once the current tenant, Unilever, moves out in 2009. In terms of construction and energy efficiency, the building will fulfil all the requirements of a modern office development. Completely modernising the office block will enhan