Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2008 - Page 16

NORDICUM scandinavian business magazine 6 • 2007 NORDICUM GOLF by Jussi Kaarenmaa DEVELOP THE POWER HIT M illions of golfers strive for more power and extra distance. Too many fail and the swing becomes wild because they try to swing faster to gain extra length. Greater swing speed does not equal greater distance. Clubhead speed is the critical factor. This is generated by combination of dynamic body action and fast hands. For maximum power, you need to create a lag of the clubhead behind your hands on the downswing, and release into impact at the last possible moment – the late hit. Wrist angle and late hit. Hips action is very important also. All good golfers are natural late hitters. But luckily, you can develop this power hit to a degree – without ruining your tempo, rhythm and control. Jussi Kaarenmaa, golf pro Phone +358 400 433 699 ing down quite hard on a bell rope down, with three last fingers of the left hand, from the top of the backswing. This action of trying to ring a bell automatically makes your Wrist angle hold from the top of backswing until hands are at impact position Power drill one Downswing hold. One simple drill helps you ingrain the feeling of the correct late hitter’s downswing action into your muscle memory. Set up as normal and take a sandwedge to the top. Then start down concentrating on holding your wrists on same position. Swing down to a point when your hands are almost opposite your right thigh. Stop. Only hold it there for a fraction of a second – so you don’t lose your rhythm – then move the club back to the top and repeat three, two times without ever unhinging your wrists. On the third swing continue past the stopping point and release your hands into the ball. Keep repeating this drill. You should soon feel yourself creating a little more lag and power. Don’t worry if you push the balls slightly to start with – in time you should naturally work your hands more, so that the clubface returns square at impact. Late hit generates massive clubhead speed Power drill two Bell ringer I suggest using your imagination to help develop the power hit. Think of yourself pull- 14 hands pull sharply down and keeps your wrists from working too soon on helping you produce the late hit. b