Nordicum - Real Estate Annual Finland 2008 - Page 13

NORDICUM scandinavian business magazine 6 • 2007 Finland’s wide forest areas offer amazing prospects for mushroom hunting – especially as it is everyman’s right to roam freely in nature and gather what the forest has to offer. While mushrooms are likely to seduce only selected clientele, the Finns may have an unexpected global hit in their hands: Finnish seed potatoes are believed to have great export potential. The International Potato Center (CIP) endorsed the export potential of Finnish seed potatoes in September. Dr. Pamela Anderson, Director General of CIP, considers Finnish potato research to be of the highest quality and believes that Finnish potato farmers have a sound basis from which to increase seed potato exports. According to Anderson, the demand for seed potatoes on the world market may well increase as both China and India have declared potato farming as one of the corner stones of their national development programmes aiming to help secure their food supply. These actions alone will create a potential 2.5 billion new consumers for potatoes. Chewing for your health Somewhere between the mushroom and the potato, we find xylitol chewing gum. Xylitol, or birch sugar, is industrially manufactured from birch fibres. Nowadays, xylitol is manufactured abroad as well, but the world’s biggest xylitol factory is still located in Kotka, Finland. Xylitol breaks the acid attack after meals and prevents tooth decay. It has also been proven to prevent children’s ear infections and help to fix existing cavities According to Finnish xylitol-manu