NOOSPHERE ART MAGAZINE Noõsphére Overview (RUS) - Page 79

Open Online University for Transformational Education Any New Epoch brings its own gifts to Humanity. The Age of Aquarius is not an exemption. Zodiac Sign of a woman, who carries the vessel with Pure Water and pouring it to the Earth, signifies the Renaissance of the Great Femininity. From Ancient legends we know, that the Symbol of a vessel with water, characterizes the new shift of the consciousness into Awakening! ‘The pouring water’ is a symbol of spiritual knowledge and planetary purification. As any purification, it is a complex process of transformation of the old principles of life into the New ones. First of all, we are talking about the inner transformation of a Human Being! The energies of The World Femininity actively participate in the programme of spiritual transformation, activating the ancient sacral knowledge, symbols, arts and mysteries.... ( fragment from the Mystery of Aquarious' Book)... Additionally to the Mystery of Aquarious itself, there are special 'package' of Alchemical Attunements for Your Personal Quantum Update! Use them for Your Benefit and Pleasure!!! Best wishes to all explorers, Bless You Be!!! Anastasia Fennell, MA in Ed. And the Embassy of Peace. The Mystery of Aquarious @Poliinform Publishing Press'