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Open Online University for Transformational Education Dr. Giorgio de Santillana, historian and author of Hamlet’s Mill, traced all the ancient myths and legends around the world to show they had a foundation in the description of the procession. Jane B. Sellers then extended Santillana’s concept in The Death of the Gods in Ancient Egypt by analyzing Egyptian myth to show the consistent reference to the procession of the stars in their religious beliefs in the Osiris- Horus myths. These myths were the center of their theology, they empowered the pharaohs, and determined their death beliefs and practices. The Orion Mystery by Robert Bauval (an engineer) and Adrian Gilbert use the procession of the equinoxes to add proof that the Great Pyramid and the King’s Chamber were used to send the dead Pharaoh’s spirit to the Orion constellation. By use of modern astronomy software they calculate the Age of Aquarius to begin approximately 2012-2013 AD when a half precession cycle of 12,920 shows the Orion constellation at it’s highest declination of -1 degree 50 seconds and it’s maximum altitude at the Meridian at 58 degrees 11 seconds. It’s opposite point at 10,300 BC would have been the beginning of the Age of Leo when Zeta Orionis would have a lowest declination of -48 degrees 53 seconds and an altitude at the meridian of 11 degrees 8 seconds. (Footnote 1) This last calculation hints that the Egyptians might have considered that the concept of Great Return could begin at the Age of Leo when the stars in Orion are at its lowest declination. Jane Sellers stated that “I am convinced that for ancient man, the numbers 72...2160, 25,920 all signified the concept of the Eternal Return.” Footnote 2. It takes 72 years for the precession to move 1 degree, 2,160 years for one Age, and 25,920 for the entire cycle to repeat. Robert Hand in the essay, The Age and Constellation of Pisces, uses the date of 221 AD as the date when the topical and sidereal zodiacs where in alignment which was deduced by Fagan and Bradley. From this point he calculates the first star in Pisces to cross the vernal point at 111 BC, which would place the Age of Aquarius to begin near 2,012 AD. @Poliinform Publishing Press'