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Open Online University for Transformational Education the land and kill everyone. However, other dreams like this portray similar ocean dreams but the dreamer just stands there and watches in awe and feels no fear. Other dreams are about fish tanks which are broken and fish are flopping on the floor helplessly, and others where the tank breaks and water falls to the floor, but the fish swim in the air just like they were still in the water. We have come to think of these dreams, as being prophetic, Yes! However, not that the physical world will be destroyed but that we are undergoing a spiritual change, and these dreams are messages that the Age of Pisces (a water sign) is ending, and that the Age of Aquarius (the water bearer sign) is coming in. This link is provided if you would like to read the dreams we have collected.... ( the fragment from "The Mystery of Aquarious") Has the Age of Aquarius Arrived? Precession of the Equinoxes Until recently, the Greek Hipparchus, was given the credit for discovering the procession of the equinoxes. This 25,920 cycle is the foundation for the Age of Pisces which by modern measurement puts each age as 2,160 years long. The procession causes the fixed stars to rise and set against the earth’s solar years so that at the first day of spring, which is the spring equinox, the constellation of Aries no longer rises but the constellation of Pisces does now. In contrast, the Egyptians started their year at the summer solstice when the constellation Orion rose with the sun to mark the beginning of the flooding of the Nile. With more insightful study of ancient myths and Egyptian temples, texts and myths, it now appears that the Egyptians priests knew and measured the procession back to the old kingdom and there are hints that this knowledge went back to the Age of Gemini which ended somewhere near 6,140 BC. In 1895, John Lockyer, the British Astronomer Royal, wrote The Dawn of Astronomy where he visited and measured most of the Egyptian temples to prove their alignment to fixed stars and @Poliinform Publishing Press'