NOOSPHERE ART MAGAZINE Noõsphére Overview (RUS) - Page 69

Open Online University for Transformational Education We dedicate this Spiritual Program with Lots of Ancient and Modern Manuscript for Your Personal Home Studying Course to develop Your Inner Connection with the Divine Matrix - Universal Intelligence - Divine Cosmic Mother with Ten Thousand Names... This Program will open for You new Doors into the Luminous Dimensions of Ancient Mysteries, Spiritual Science and Philosophy imprinted in Vedic, Gnostic and Egyptian Manuscripts. You also can find some interesting texts about the Divine Cosmic Mother in Tantric, Jewish, Chinese and Pagan Traditions. At the end of this Spiritual Program You will discover a Wonderful Mystic Painting by the Master of Mystic Arts Victoria Preobrazhensky and Her Universal Spiritual Program: The Cosmic PoliArt of the Third Millennium. Best wishes to all explorers, Bless You Be!!! Anastasia Fennell, MA in Ed. And the Embassy of Peace. The Divine Cosmic Mother. @Poliinform Publishing Press'