Nocturnal Issue II - Page 7

SOPHIE COLETTE INTERVIEW — FLORA SYMONS " YOU SEE A STYLE YOU LIKE AND YOU WANT TO BE ABLE TO DRAW LIKE THAT " WHAT WOULD YOU RECOMMEND FOR PEOPLE LOOKING TO practising you will get better. APPLY FOR UNIVERSITY ART COURSES? Going to new and different places is also To just spend time building up your portfolio and important – sometimes you just need a break or do as much different work as possible to really try something fresh to get you inspired. to find what area of art you are interested in. There are also foundation courses you could take, WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO ANY YOUNG ARTISTS? I did one back in Cumbria. I found it really helpful I’d really recommend doing lots of workshops, for finding direction with my work and for they’re all over Bristol and can really give you a building up my portfolio. The teachers really push forward if you don’t feel confident. They’ll helped you with applying for uni too. open up doors for you to do new things that you wouldn’t do on your own. Practicing is also key, especially with drawing. I draw pretty much every day. You might think you’re not good at drawing, but if you keep