Nocturnal Issue II - Page 4

OMETIMES YOU JUST NEED A BREAK WE CAUGHT UP WITH 22-YEAR-OLD EMERGING ARTIST SOPHIE COLETTE TO TALK STUDIES, STYLE, AND INSPIRATION HAVE YOU ALWAYS BEEN INTO ART? Since I was a teenager I started to really enjoy it. I’ve came from an art background – my mum is really arty so I’ve always had it in my life. She’s always there to help if i get stuck for ideas and my love for flowers definitely comes from her influence. HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR STYLE? It’s quite botanical, I tend to do quite accurate drawings but I want to learn to loosen up my drawings a bit more and turn them into designs and pattern work. SO WOULD YOU LIKE TO EXPAND WHAT YOU DO? Yeah, I have a big plan of what I want to do. I am really interested in textile and ceramic design, so I would like to go into that in the future. I have already touched upon ceramic design a little at university and really loved it, so I would really like to develop that further. WHAT METHODS DO YOU USUALLY USE? Drawing and screen printing mainly. I really love mono printing with the silk screen but drawing is definitely what I love most though – you can just do it anywhere, anytime and it’s really enjoyable and relaxing – while screen printing is a way of getting my work out there in a different format. I really enjoy the process of screen printing too. HOW DID YOU DEVELOP INTO YOUR CURRENT STYLE? Well I went to UWE for three years, so it started there. I think we were told once to look at our past work and see if there was any recurring themes or particular colours that we kept coming back to. I realised at this point I really loved using colour and drawing plants and landscapes. Before this I remember a lot of trying to shape my art around what other people's work was like – you see a style you like and you want to be able to draw like that, but really that’s no good, you already have your own style and you should just go with it.