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• Minimum interarch 7mm 7.5 mm(EP) IIC75 5 mm(P) space 5 of mm(P) WTCS51 WTCS51 WTCS52 WTCS52 • Maximum angulation of 15° 5 mm(P) 5 mm(EP) WIP55 6 mm(P) 6 mm(P) WTCS61 WTCS61 WTCS62 WTCS62 • Intraoral use limited to Material: 180 days for the PreFormance Temporary 6 mm(EP) WIP56 Material: Titanium Alloy Titanium Alloy Cylinder *Includes the Titanium *Includes Hexed the Titanium Screw Hexed Screw 7.5 mm(EP) WIP57 • Immediate non-occlusal loading of single-unit provisional 6 mm(P) 6 mm(EP) WIP66 restorations 7.5 mm(EP) WIP67 • Multiple unit restorations will require an evaluation of occlusal forces in lateral and protrusive excursions and masticatory forces to minimize Impression the Coping load on the Coping provisional kr restorations ick-Up Impression Pick-Up Implant Laboratory Analogs Twist Lock ™ Implant Transfer Laboratory Impression Coping Analogs 530,- kr 530,- AVTRYKKSTOPPER / LAB ANALOGER external Overdenture Overdenture Restorations Laboratory Laboratory Analogs Analogs Restorat mpression Impression Copings Copings Restorative Platform Restorative Emergence Platform Profile Emergence Profile Item # Item # Restorative Platform Restorative Platform Restorative Platform Item # Emergence Profile Item Item # # 3.4 mm(P) 3.8 3.4 mm(P) 3.4 mm(P) 3.4 mm(P) 4.1 mm(P) 5 mm(EP) mm(EP) 3.8 mm(EP) MIC33 MIC33 MMILA MMILA IIC45 4.1 mm(P) 4.1 mm(P) 4.1 mm(P) 4.1 mm(P) ILA20 ILA20 IIC46 mm(EP) 4.1 mm(EP) LOCATOR ® IIC41 IIC41 ® Abutment* LOCATOR Abutment* 6 mm(EP) 5 mm(P) 5 mm(P) ILAW5 ILAW5 5 mm(EP) 5 mm(EP) IIC12 IIC12 7.5 mm(EP) IIC47 Indications: Indications: Description # # WIT55 6 Item mm(P) 6 mm(P) ILAW6 ILAW6 6 mm(EP) 6 mm(EP) IIC60 IIC60 Description 5 mm(P) 5 mm(EP) • Tissue Item supported removable • Tissue overdentures supported mm(P) 7.5 mm(EP) 7.5 mm(EP) 3.4 mm(P) IIC75 3.4 IIC75 6 mm(EP) WIT56 • Partially edentulous overdentures • Partially edentulou with one 1 WIP55 mm(H) MLOA001 MLOA001 • Limited interarch WIT57 distance • Limited interarch d 5 mm(P) 5 5 mm(EP) mm(P) 5 mm(EP) WIP55 1 mm(H) 7.5 mm(EP) • Angle MLOA002 correction WIT66 with • up Angle to 40º correction between w 2 WIP56 mm(H) MLOA002 6 mm(EP) 6 mm(EP) WIP56 2 mm(H) 6 mm(P) 6 mm(EP) 3 WIP57 mm(H) MLOA003 MLOA003 WIT67 7.5 mm(EP) 7.5 mm(EP) WIP57 3 mm(H) 7.5 mm(EP) Material: Material: 4 mm(H) MLOA004 MLOA004 6 mm(P) 6 6 mm(EP) mm(P) 6 mm(EP) WIP66 WIP66 4 mm(H) Abutment: Titanium Alloy Abutment: With Titanium Titanium 4 Nitr 5 mm(H) 5 mm(H) MLOA005 MLOA005 Housing: Titanium Alloy Housing: Titanium A 7.5 mm(EP) 7.5 mm(EP) WIP67 WIP67 6 mm(H) 6 mm(H) MLOA006 Males: MLOA006 Nylon Males: Nylon Overdenture Restora Laboratory Analogs Restorative Platform Item # Restorative Platform Restorative Emergence Platform Profile Emergence Profile 2 mm(H) 3 Item mm(H) # 4 mm(H) IIC45 5 mm(H) IIC46 6 mm(H) 4.1 mm(P) 1 mm(H) Torque LOA001 Level: 20 Ncm LOA002 LOA003 Item # LOA004 LOA005 IMLOA001 LOA006 IMLOA002 IMLOA003 IMLOA004 IMLOA005 IMLOA006 LOA001 LOA002 LOA003 LOA004 LOA005 LOA006 ® LOCATOR Abutment* 2 mm(H) Item # 3 mm(H) Description 3.4 mm(P) MMILA 4 mm(H) 4.1 mm(P) 5 4.1 mm(P) mm(EP) 5 mm(EP) IIC45 3.4 mm(P) 4.1 mm(P) ILA20 5 mm(H) 6 5 mm(EP) IIC46 1 mm(H) mm(P) 6 mm(EP) ILAW5 6 mm(H) 2 mm(H) 7.5 mm(EP) 7.5 mm(EP) IIC47 IIC47 6 mm(P) ILAW6 3 mm(H) 5 mm(P) 5 5 mm(EP) mm(P) 5 mm(EP) WIT55 WIT55 *Included with each abutment: *Included with each abutment: 4 mm(H) 6 mm(EP) 6 mm(EP) WIT56 WIT56 5 mm(H) 7.5 mm(EP) 7.5 mm(EP) WIT57 WIT57 6 mm(H) 6 mm(P) 6 6 mm(EP) mm(P) 6 mm(EP) WIT66 WIT66 4.1 mm(P) Overdenture Overdenture Restorations Restorations 7.5 mm(EP) 7.5 mm(EP) WIT67 WIT67 1 mm(H) 2 mm(H) 4 3 mm(H) Final Housing Male and Black LOCATOR Final Light Male 4 mm(H) Processing Male Retention Male 5 mm(H) 6 mm(H) 4 ILOA001 ILOA002 ILOA003 White White Extra LOCATOR Light Light Extra Light ILOA004 Spacer Ring Ring Male Retention Retention Male Male Spacer Retention P = Restorative Platform P = ILOA005 Restorative Platform H = Collar Height P = Restorative Platform H = ILOA006 Collar Height PROTESEKOMPONENTER external Overdenture Restorations Housing and Black Processing Male Torque Level: 20 Ncm 4.1 mm(P) Implant Laboratory Analogs kr 199,- 1 mm(H) ™ wist Lock Twist Transfer Lock ™ Transfer Impression Impression Coping Coping H = Collar Height Overdenture Restorations Indications: *Included with Indications: each abutment: LOCATOR Abutment LOCATOR Components Abutment Components Abutment* LOCATOR Abutment* kr 1.500,- LOCATOR ® ® Abutment* 4.1 mm(P) 6 mm(H) 1 mm(H) IMLOA001 2 mm(H) IMLOA002 mm(H) 3 1 mm(H) IMLOA003 mm(H) 4 2 mm(H) IMLOA004 mm(H) 5 3 mm(H) IMLOA005 6 4 mm(H) IMLOA006 mm(H) 4.1 mm(P) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) 5 mm(H) ILOA001 Processing Male Light Retention Replacement Light Males Retention (4-pack) Replacement - Pink Males (4-pack) - Pink ILOA002 Extra Light Spacer Ring Retention Male Retention Male Retention Male Spacer Ring White Spacer Ring Components tion Male Retention Male Abutment butment LOCATOR Components LOCATOR Abutment Components Description Description Description Impression Coping (one time Impression use) Impression Coping (one Coping (one time time use) use) Laboratory Analog Laboratory Analog Laboratory Analog RAS LOA83 Description I Impression Coping (one time use) Laboratory Analog L L Item # LAIC1 LALA1 8 Core Tool/Abutment Driver Driver Tip 24 mm/30 mm Replacement Housing Kit Extended Range Males (4-pack) - Green Extra Light Retention Males (4-pack) - Blue Light Retention Replacement Males (4-pack) - Pink Replacement Males (4-pack) - White Extra Light Retention Extended Range Males - Red Replacement Housing 1.25 mm Driver Tip 24 mm(L) - used with LCTDR1 1.25 mm Driver Tip 30 mm(L) - used with LCTDR1 Item # Item # Male Extraction Tool the Core Tool/Abutment Driver LCTDR1. LAIC1 **Part of LAIC1 LALA1 LALA1 Core Tool/Abutment Driver Core Core Tool/Abutment Driver LCTDR1 LCTDR1 Tool/Abutment Driver LCTDR1 Tip Tip 24 mm/30 mm mm Driver Tip 24 mm/30 mm Driver Driver 24 mm/30 LOADT4/LOADT9 LOADT4/LOADT9 LOADT4/LOADT9 Bestill i vår webshop Replacement Housing Kit Kit LORHK Replacement Housing LORHK LORHK nts Replacement Housing Kit Extended Males (4-pack) - Green LAERM Extended Range Males (4-pack) - Extended Green Range Range Males (4-pack) - Green LAERM LAERM Item # Males (4-pack) - Blue Extra Light Retention LAELM Extra Light Retention Males (4-pack) Extra - Light Blue Retention Males (4-pack) - Blue LAELM LAELM Light Retention LAIC1 Replacement Males (4-pack) - Pink LLRMS g (one time use) Light Retention Replacement Males Light (4-pack) Retention - Pink Replacement Males (4-pack) - Pink LLRMS LLRMS SIDE | 17 LLR LAR LELA LOA RAS ® ® See Also The BellaTek See Overdenture Also The BellaTek Bars Options Overdenture On The Bars Back Options Page Of On This The Brochure. Back Page Of This Brochure. TOR Light **Part of the Core Tool/Abutment **Part Driver of the LCTDR1. Core Tool/Abutment Driver LCTDR1. LOCATOR Abutment Components White Housing and Final Male LOCATOR Light Extra Light Spacer Ring Black Retention Male Retention Male Processing Male White Final Male Housing and LOCATOR Black Light Final Male Extra Light LOCATOR Light White Extra Light Processing Retention Male Male LLRMS Torque Level: Level: Replacement (4-pack) Replacement - White Males (4-pack) - White LARMS LOA001 Males Torque ILOA003 20 Ncm 20 Extended Ncm Extra Light Retention Extra Light Range Retention Males - Red Extended Range Males - Red LELARM LOA002 ILOA004 Replacement LOAH LOA003 Housing Replacement Housing ILOA005 ILOA006 1.25 mm Driver Tip 24 mm(L) 1.25 mm - used Driver with Tip LCTDR1 24 mm(L) - used with LCTDR1 RASH4 LOA004 1.25 mm Driver Tip 30 1.25 mm(L) mm - used Driver with Tip LCTDR1 30 mm(L) - used with LCTDR1 RASH9 LOA005 Male Extraction Tool Male Extraction Tool LOA8397** LOA006 ILOA001 6 mm(H) ILOA002 ILOA003 *Included with each abutment: abutment: *Included ILOA004 with each abutment: Included with each abutment: ILOA005 ILOA006 LOA001 LOA002 LOA003 LOA004 LOA005 LOA006 MLOA001 MLOA002 MLOA003 MLOA004 MLOA005 MLOA006 mm(H) 2 1 mm(H) mm(H) 3 2 mm(H) mm(H) 4 3 mm(H) 5 4 mm(H) mm(H) Item 6 5 # mm(H) mm(H) Item # Description Description Item # Item Item # Tissue supported removable • overdentures Tissue supported on 2 removable to 4 implants overdentures on 2 to 4 implants P = Restorative Platform Impression Coping (one Impression time use) Coping (one time use) LAIC1 LAIC Partially edentulous overdentures • Partially with edentulous one or more overdentures implants with one or more implants IMLOA001 H = Collar Height Laboratory Analog Laboratory Analog LALA1 LAL MLOA001 Limited interarch distance • Limited interarch distance IMLOA002 Core Tool/Abutment Driver Core Tool/Abutment LCTDR1 LCTD Angle correction with up to • 40º Angle between correction divergent with implants up Driver to 40º between divergent implants MLOA002 IMLOA003 Driver Tip 24 mm/30 mm Driver Tip 24 mm/30 mm LOADT4/LOADT9 LOADT4/ MLOA003 IMLOA004 Material: Material: IMLOA005 Replacement Housing Kit Replacement Housing Kit LORHK LOR MLOA004 Abutment: Titanium Alloy With Abutment: Titanium Nitride Titanium Coating Alloy With Titanium Nitride Coating IMLOA006 Housing and Males Final Male LOCATOR Light Extended Range (4-pack) Extended - Green Range Males (4-pack) - Green Extra Light LAERM White LAE MLOA005 Housing: Titanium Alloy Housing: Titanium Alloy Retention Male Black Retention Male LAELM Spacer Ring Extra Light Retention Males Extra (4-pack) Light - Retention Blue Males (4-pack) - Blue LAE Males: Nylon MLOA006 Males: Nylon • • • • Item # 3.4 mm(P) 1 mm(H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) (H) h Description 3.4 mm(P) Description ption ( 8 Bestill av vår kundetjeneste Tlf: 33 03 57 70 8 LC LOAD L L L L L LE L R R LO