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The most anticipated debut novel of the year After being married for two years, Valencia Timmons is finally expecting the child she’s always wanted. Unfortunately, her husband, Kurt, has one up on Val—his mistress is already pregnant. All hell doesn’t just break loose, it runs down the street, hops a bus, and drives straight off the planet. Topped with the fact that he’s stabbing Peter to throw some coins Paul’s way, this is the last thing he needs. Now, Kurt’s multiple lies cause a breakdown of their marriage, and family secrets start unraveling faster than a loose thread on an old sweater. Once again, Val wonders if she’ll ever be happy. Colorful and adoring characters make this novel one of the most engaging and cleanest reads to date. No Right Way to do a Wrong Thing will take you on an enjoyable ride you won eЁ݅ЁѼЁ+PM!Ȱ!ˊé Ё1ѕɅ )9,1ѕɅ 5饹)YQ́ЁЁ͡ɵȁѡ՝Ё͡eչѡȸ )ѕȁ͡ɥ-а͡չѡЁ͡eѥѕMe)ٕٕ́ȁ䁕ٕȁѕȰݡ)ȁɕ٥]́ɕЁɕ́͡ݕ)ЁѡȰYͽɹѡЁ-Ё͕݅́ЁѼٔѡ͡e݅)݅ѕQЁЁݥѠȸ)5ѡ́ɔѕYչ݅QݥѡЁȁ͉e)ɅѥQѼٔѡ͡Ё͕ٕ͡ѡЁѽݡ)-Ё݅́她͕ѥѼɥЁͽɽ́ɔѡ䁍ѼЁ)͕Ѽ͔́ݥѽѡȸAѥѡȁЁ́х́́Ё)YɐMͼ́ͽѡѼѡݥѠɸ)مՅͽѡɗéɥЁ݅Ѽɽѡ)م)]]\9-I =559L =4