"Next" Magazine Vol. 3 Fall 2016 - Page 34

Elementary education students greet third-graders as they arrive at UK. Elementary students visit UK campus STORY AND PHOTOS BY AMANDA NELSON The UK College of Education frequently invites schools to the UK campus. Most recently, 125 thirdgraders from Breckinridge Elementary received a warm welcome to Dickey Hall. Elementary education majors had been preparing for Breckinridge’s visit since the beginning of the semester. UK literacy methods instructors Dr. Mary Shake and Joni Meade consulted with Breckinridge third-grade teachers and principal Michael Price to determine the broad areas they would be addressing in science and social studies.  UK students then began planning literacy-intense instructional units with either a science or social studies content focus that would align with instructional standards and ongoing classroom curricula. 2FR&V7BFWfVVBFVF72WFG07G'V7F'2G"6GrBG"Ɨ6֖6&V6RffVBv&rvFFRVfW'6G7GVFVG2F6FVF727FfFW2f"FP'&V6&FvR7GVFVG2( F2GRb'FW'62&VVf6F'FW2( 6B6R766FR&fW76"FPFW'FVBb7W'&7VVB7G'V7Fࠣ3B( vR&VƖWfRB2WG&VVǒ'FBf"VVVF'7GVFVG2FWW&V6RFRVfW'6G2F2V26W@FV"v2Fv&BvW"VGV6F*F2WW&V6P26FVw&FW"FV6W"6FFFW>( V&r*Bw2FV6W"6FFFW2F'&rFƖfR&V7@FB2FWFBVFf6WFVB*F2G2֖G2WW&V6R6VBBVvFWBW VVVF'66'FW'2( Р