"Next" Magazine Vol. 3 Fall 2016 - Page 3

FROM THE DEAN» College of Education community impacts work we do both locally and globally A young Ohio woman, drawn to teaching from an early age, finds that her passion lies in empowering others through literacy. A husband-and-wife team of professors combine their love of science and math with the excitement of space exploration to develop a curriculum that stirs the imaginations and opens the world of astronomy to Kentucky middle school students. A group of researchers implement movement breaks in an elementary school classroom to learn whether physical activity positively impacts academic achievement. A teacher with a passion for both social science and the STEM fields sets out to find out why STEM majors leave the field and the ensuing impact on undergraduate education. All of these stories are connected by the common thread of the University of Kentucky College of Education. People are the power behind our work. On the wall outside my office in Dickey Hall are the words “Innovate. Inquire. Inspire.” Those “i” words describe much of what motivates our work. I would add another “i” word to the list: “Impact.” We don’t study simply for our own benefit; we learn so that we may then use that knowledge to enhance the world around us. We don’t do research simply to get answers or to raise further questions; we use the information to help solve problems. We don’t teach simply to reach the students seated before us (in person or in our virtual classrooms); we instruct and encourage and shape those who will make a difference in an ever-increasing ripple, touching lives for generations to come. People are the power behind our work. The UK College of Education community impacts the work we are doing [H[ؘ[K\Y[[[[KX[KY[\ܝ\]HXY[\\X]H[[\\\][Z[H^Z[]8'[HYܛX][ۋHY[\وX[H[[XY]HXHH\[Hو[H\Z[[ۙK'BZ[ۈۋ8'H\ۈHHY\K8'H NNN BHܚY\[\\YHو^\H^[\\وHY[\وX[H[ˈ\H\BX[H[ܙH^[\\[H[\YH[H\]\X]H]YX][ۋZKYK^ܙH\ܘ[\܈Y[HH\] H[[H܈[\\ܝ[[\\[HYKX[[›Z\[ۈوHYKH[[XZH[[\XY\ܚ]\]BX\H&RZ\X[وHRYHوYX][ۂ ‚