"Next" Magazine Vol. 3 Fall 2016 - Page 17

S T EM I MPACT Dr. Rebecca Krall, Project-based Water Quality Investigation in the Kentucky River Watershed, Funded by the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education ($260,000) development grant, many of them have traveled with UK faculty and graduate students to state and national conferences, and are in regular contact with one another. Some of their middle-school students came to UK last semester to present their projects in a student research conference setting. Middle-school students are often amazed to learn the little Krall stream by their house eventually flows into the Kentucky River, then the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico. It opens their eyes to how their actions here in Kentucky can impact water quality in the Gulf of Mexico, said Dr. Rebecca Krall, who leads a grant-funded professional development project for middle school teachers to implement investigations on local watersheds. “The teachers report experiences where students not interested in science become much more engaged in this project because it deals with their own community,” Krall said. “They are exploring the world around them and learning things they never knew before, such as how the streams in their back yards eventually flow into the Kentucky River and beyond.” Krall grew up on a Pennsylvania farm that depended on well water – a finite source, heavily impacted by actions her family took to keep it clean and plentiful. Durin \ZYHYX\BX[\\Y[\Hܛ[HYH[[]\]Yܘ[HX]\Hو[ٙBY[[\ܛ[[Z[\]YBY[ۋ[ ]\\HZYHY[HXX\[\[XKHX[]\]X[]H\[[\ܝ[\YHHX[H[H\[ۈB\\XZH^H܈Z\][Z '[H[XKHYHؘXBYYXZHH]\Y[ܙH\\[B\Y[\[] 8'HHZY 8'X[HY[[][Y[۸&][X]\HZ\[[]\Y\K[H]XZ\\[›[ܙH\Y[HX]]H][] 'B[XHZYK\XX\[\X][H[XH]\]\Y\B\]Y܈HZ[[ˈ\[H]KY^H[[Y\[]]KXX\[YۚYX[[YH[HY[X\[X]\[\\[\X]\]X[]H\[ˈ^H[[^HTH[]H]K[܈]\و\Y\]ZYH\[[˜YX]\]X[]HوH[XH]\]\Y \Y[H\و[[Z\Y[™][]Y\[ۜX]Z\ۈX]]\Y]^H[^ܙKH[[Y\[]]H[\[[]H]BY[HXX\ۙ\[H\Hۙ[^\Y[B܈HZYHXX\YHوB]H]\YH[H][HY[BXX\&\ۙ\[KX]\HوHٙ\[ۘ[HڙX\ۛHܙX][]\Y]\[\[[XK][[[XX\™\ݙ\]YH8'ڙX X\YX\['HYX[[[XXH\^HوXX[[K']H[و\Z[[R\۸&]]HBXX\HX]]^\8&\x&\[\[] XX] 8&x'Hܘ[ZY 8'H][Y[ݙ\\[œ]Y\[ۈZYHH[]]K]XX\šYH[ܚ]Z\Y[][[HXYX]Y\[ۜX]]\Yˈ\[H[[Y\[]]\[Y\[[H[œݚY\Z[[ۈܙX]HڙX X\Y[\ۛY[ˈH[[H[\[Y[[B[]]H[[[ۜ]HY[]]\HZ[][HڙX^H][\ܝY[ [Y[\Y][ۜˈ]8&\HZ\ۛY\܂XX\]8&ڙX X\Y8&HYX[\[H]Y\[ۂ[][Y[^ܙH]]\ܝ[œX\\ZYHX\[ˈ\H\HقY[[Y][Y[[\[Hܚ[H^H\H[] 'B\\ۙ‚X\‚ˈ[H\\[Hۙ[ۘ][X\ڙXPΈXH[\YX][X]X[X[[YHH][ۘ[Y[H[][ۂ ݙ\H\Hو[YڙXB M‚