NewsLink Winter 2017 - Page 7

Support Family Funding Legislation


This year, Nurse-Family Partnership is actively working to reauthorize and expand the Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting (MIECHV) program. Originally enacted in 2010, MIECHV is an innovative approach to providing formula and competitive grants to states for evidence-based home visiting services. It is also the only dedicated federal funding stream that supports evidence-based home visiting. The program serves all 50 states, 5 territories,

and 25 tribal entities, and allows these jurisdictions to craft home visiting programs that best meet the needs of their population. The program has been critical

to Nurse-Family Partnership’s growth over the past decade, bringing our program to more moms and babies than ever before.

MIECHV has enjoyed bipartisan support in Congress. Nurse-Family Partnership is harnessing this support to advocate for a five-year re-authorization that gradually doubles program funding from its current level of $400 million annually to $800 million. Nurse-Family Partnership and its partners in the National Home Visiting Coalition strongly believe that a longer extension that progressively increases funding for the program gives agencies the consistency they need, while also allowing us to have a greater community impact as more families are served.

Your voices are crucial right now Congress needs to hear about why MIECHV is important to the communities they represent, and that means they need to hear from all of you. Please contact Sarah McGee at for information on how you can help and click here to stay updated with important and timely policy alerts and updates.

MIECHV “is one of the few initiatives that seems to have enjoyed genuine bipartisan support. I view this really as empowering

families legislation. It

is about helping parents be the parents they want to be,” Rep. Doggett said.