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scaling lessons learned

How to Scale when the Gold Standard in Evidence Isn't

Enough?: Lessons Learned

from an Anti-Poverty Partnership


Being an evidence-based program doesn’t mean having automatic funding and demand to scale it. How does one scale a program to achieve the highest impact? The Aspen Institute has released a white paper on how to scale from Roxane White, president and CEO of Nurse-Family Partnership; Betsy Delgado, vice president of mission & education initiatives at Goodwill of Central & Southern Indiana; and Lori Severens, assistant director for leadership and design at Ascend at the Aspen Institute. The paper shares their lessons learned on how programs can scale together to better serve the whole family and stop the cycle of poverty.

“To have an impact on two-generational change for both mom and her baby, we have to improve the economic self-sufficiency of the family,” said White. “We partnered with Goodwill to go deeper to better meet the needs of families in their communities.”

Nurse-Family Partnership is known for its history of evidence – over 40 years of randomized, controlled trials that give it the gold standard in evidence-based practice. However, to scale Nurse-Family Partnership it takes more than just the gold standard in evidence. Nurse-Family Partnership continues to develop new strategies and form new partnerships in local communities to reach more moms and babies.

To better reach families in Indiana, a partnership was formed with Goodwill of Central & Southern Indiana. Goodwill was already leading innovative programs to help adults out of poverty through education and skill-training programs and began to see the need for cross-generational approaches in order to achieve long-lasting improvements for families. By partnering, these two organizations provided the opportunity to achieve greater collective impact across two generations for both mom and baby.

The paper shares lessons learned on the benefits of scaling together, the challenges faced when scaling, and what it takes to blend organizations to meet their shared goal.

Download the paper:

“Scaling Up, Scaling Out. White Paper on Lessons Learned from Goodwill

of Central & Southern Indiana and Nurse-Family Partnership”

Hear directly from the authors at their webinar: How to Scale when the Gold Standard in Evidence Isn't Enough?: Lessons Learned from an Anti-Poverty Partnership

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