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Supporting young mothers can change childrens' lives

Mariah cuddles Ezekiel as she prepares to put him down for

a nap. “He taught me how to be a parent,” Mariah said.

“I plan on being the best mother, having the best family.”

Becoming Mom

The Urban Institute’s Picture of Health project focuses on how issues like poverty affect health. Urban Institute researchers highlighted the WiNGS Dallas Nurse-Family Partnership program. Client Mariah Gaines tells how her nurse, Vicki Ghent has become her "lifeline and her friend." Mariah cares for her son and her father, who has suffered many health setbacks and is awaiting a kidney transplant. Her family had to move from the New Orleans area after Hurricane Katrina.

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Vickie, a nurse, talks with a Mariah while she holds her son. Vickie checks in with Mariah during one of her biweekly home visits. Vickie uses this time to see how Mariah is doing, ask what challenges she’s facing, and make sure Ezekiel is well.

“The effects of poverty on children’s health are so pernicious that some doctors have called for classifying childhood poverty as a disease,”

Urban Institute.


Photography by Lydia Thompson.

Story by Serena Lei and Lydia Thompson.