NewsLink Spring 2017 - Page 9


Right Photos: Nurse-Family Partnership graduate Heather, Home Nursing Agency Community Service, Huntington, PA.

Left Photos: Nurse-Family Partnership graduate Chanel, Kenosha County Division of Health, Kenosha, WI.

Chanel was a full-time college student working part-time as a day care teacher when she unexpectedly became pregnant. She and her partner weren’t ready to start a family. She felt lost and stressed.

She was able to breathe a sigh of relief when she found out about Nurse-Family Partnership and met her nurse Molly. Chanel learned what to expect about her pregnancy, how to find access to resources and always had someone to talk to

for advice, support and information.

“She’s great and helped me so much,” Chanel said. “She was understanding, non-judgmental and made me feel comfortable.”

Chanel gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl named A’nylah. With Molly’s encouragement she went back to school and obtained her associate degree and is now a licensed practical nurse finishing up her clinical rotations. Chanel’s goal is to continue on to get her RN License. “Sometimes I just wanted to give up but she helped me stick with it.” she said. “I want to be an amazing role model for my daughter.”

When Heather enrolled in Nurse-Family Partnership she felt apprehensive about someone coming into her home. Would the nurse be judgmental? Nurse-Family Partnership nurse

Sue’s friendly demeanor put her at ease. “Sue was always available to answer questions,” Heather said. “She even came over on the weekend to help me with breastfeeding.”

Heather had a difficult birth and the delivery nursing team made a big impression. About an hour after she delivered her son Sean she hemorrhaged.

“I was getting up for the first time after giving birth and I had a couple nurses with me, as I stood up from my bed all I remember saying was that I didn't feel well then I passed out. They took great care of me in an urgent situation. The next morning was the next time I attempted to get up and the nurses came in prepared. Lots of nurses came in to make sure I was safe getting to the bathroom. They saved my life.”

Motivated by all the amazing nurses in her life, Heather went back to school to become a licensed practical nurse. She graduated in December and is now a home visitor like Sue, providing care to those in need.

Nurses leave powerful, lasting impacts on so many lives and inspire us every day. This National Nurses Week we want to say thank you for working so hard to make our world a healthier place.